About the Foundation About the Alice O'Brien Foundation

Alice M. O'Brien created the Alice M. O'Brien Foundation in 1951 for the broad purpose of supporting charitable, educational, religious and scientific causes. The Foundation is a private family foundation subject to all applicable IRS requirements.  Each year, the Foundation's gifts equal or exceed 5% of the Foundation's assets. Alice's goal was to benefit Minnesota projects and organizations and those organizations are still the primary beneficiaries.

The Foundation supports charities that

  • help the neediest members of the community (such as the Dorothy Day Center, the Salvation Army, Little Sisters of the Poor)
  • help to find treatments and cures for diseases (such as the Minnesota Medical Foundation)
  • support the arts (such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts)
  • help to conserve the environment (such as gifts to the Minnesota Parks and Trails Council to expand the William O'Brien State Park)
  • support education
  • support programs concerning treatment for chemical dependency



A lifelong active philanthropist, her foundation has benefited the Minnesota Historical Society, The Children's Hospital of MN, Minnesota Medical Foundation, and the Hallie Q Brown Center in St Paul just to name a few. An early proponent of conservationism, her philanthropic endeavors also lent themselves to early soil erosion control efforts and in support of the Jay N Darling Foundation.